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Marianne Roussety

Mali Necklace

Mali Necklace

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Marianne's latest offering, M.iimu Jewellery connects her to her roots from Africa, Asia, South Asia, and Europe. Each piece is unique, as in all pieces are uniquely different, each bead, shell and gem is chosen with intent, love and care and all pieces are crafted by her own hands in her home on Bundjalung Country. The shells she uses are all handpicked and the beads and gems are sourced ethically. 

- 14k Gold-Filled clasps and stainless steel wire

~ Gold Filled ~

  • Can be worn in water
  • Tarnish resistant & long lasting

You may use our jewellery in water, however it is best to rinse your necklace with warm water after being in saltwater. Pat dry with a cloth. 

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